Patience is the secret of growth. The willingness to wait for additional data. The willingness to leave things open,  to let the final paradigm alone, not to reach for  totality immediately.

If you despair of contradictions then you fall into the post-modern fallacy – a generalization that generalizes the non-generalizability of a complex reality.

Instead of hanging in there, incrementing our knowledge inch by inch, they have despaired of ever getting all the threads into a single tapestry, and sit, autistic like, within a huge heap of colorful unconnected threads staring at the beauty of each one separately and desparing of ever weaving an entire tapestry.
This is the wrong approach. Each time we weave a part of the picture, at some resolution – but we must not be hasty to throw in ad hoc explanations for the parts that don’t yet connect, for the knowledge that we do have has been gained in blood. We know that certain narratives are not conductive to the well-being of humanity, but we also know that without any narrative, you can’t even be properly human!
So let us hang on to our contradictions and not hasten to generalize the facile generalization of post-modernity, which states that since we cannot know, then nothing is knowable.
We can know, for we know that we know, yet at the same time we know that we do not know, so what we should generalize is that our knowledge always changes and evolves, so that we should not stand judgement on it so angrily and let it be, let yourself know what you know, and let yourself just grow where you don’t know. Don’t you know?

Knowing is Growing

What all this means

What all this means is that we are not in a hurry to tie loose ends. If we know something about God, religions, traditions, history etc. and there are some conflicts with things that are now evolving like the social revolution engendered by birth control, or the biological revolution of genetic engineering, or the socio-philosophical revolution of the internet – then that’s fine, live a while with contradictions, but do not sanctify them, rage against the easy generalizations of post-modernity, which literally cast out the baby with its bathtub. This is our baby. Let it Grow!

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