1. The use of Method in order construct validity regardless of content.
2. The use of scientific and/or scientific-sounding methodology to lend creditibility to academic materials.
3. The posture of academia. The medium that bears the message of objectivism.

The Method is the Medium is the Message


Although the associated logical falacies of Argumentum ad Verecundiam and Ipse Dixet are well known as fallacies of irrelevant reverance to authority. The specific fallacy structuring a great deal of academic discourse, seems to be unique in that it relies on the authority of science, without being considered bogus (i.e., scientistic).
Rather, the linguistic lacuna itself is highly indicative of the transparency of this falacy. This abuse of scientific method is so transparent that no word has been coined yet for it. Thus, this day,the 27th of Adar-II, 5768 years of Creation, (or Thursday, the 3rd of April 2008 C.E. or 27 Rabi’ Awwal 1429 according to the Muslim calendar (and you may be able to find a few more, less Western, equivalences in this calendar page)), I hereby suggest the term: Methodocism to denote this specific fallacy which undergirds most of Academia.

And here is the empirical evidence of neologism. As you can see: No Methodocism in more than a 1,000 dictionaries:

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