From sophia to sophistry

Undoubtedly, many of the charades and presumptions of academia hinge on a variety of logical fallacies, which may be more aptly described as logical strategies in this context as they serve to deliver content in a way that gains academic standing.

How simple it would be to root out some of the more widespread fallacies posturing as academic research and science – some of them so elementary that students of elementary logic could easily point to them.

Logic, however is no longer considered an essential item in the education of young men and women on the way up. Indeed, had the three classic liberal arts of grammar, rhetoric and logic been mandatory, few of the articles that now pass as the accepted oeuvre of the liberal arts disciplines would have managed to get by.

So the basic knowledge of how one may express oneself well, and especially how to guard oneself from crafty rhetoric and convoluted logic – has become a lost art.

Rather than Sophia – wisdom, academia is now the champion of sophistry – anything goes – and if it is just rhetorical hype and contradictory logic – all the better – for nuggety aporias are all the rage.



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